Inseperable Bros

Inseperable Bros

Se-Ha (Shin Ha-Kyun) and Dong-Goo (Lee Kwang-Soo) are not blood related brothers, but they have been like brothers for the past 20 years. Se-Ha is smart, but he has a physical disability. Dong-Goo is not very smart, but he is in excellent physical condition. These two men meet Mi-Hyun (Esom). She is the only person to treat them without prejudice. Mi-Hyun helps them get out into the world. (Source: Asianwiki)

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2019 | PG13 | 1h 54min | Drama / Comedy


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Sang-Hyo Yook

Yuk Sang-Hyo


South Korea


Usually movies that tell a story about disability will only make you cry but this one is quite different as it made me laugh too! Lee Kwang Soo really did a great job as Dong Goo. I can’t deny that Shin Ha Kyun is also great at portraying his character but I’m just amazed at Lee Kwang Soo works’. It makes me think that he is Dong Goo.

The chemistry between Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Kwang Soo are also remarkable. They are so compatible in every scene. You can feel a strong bond of brotherhood as you watch the two of them. I love how the plot makes two people with disabilities get together and create an unbreakable bond.

Overall, it is a beautiful movie but it depends on people's preferences as some people might find it boring. My advice would be for you to watch the trailer below before watching it to see whether it suits your taste.


Shin Ha Kyun as Se Ha

Lee Kwang Soo as Dong Goo

Esom as Mi Hyun

Park Chul Min as Public Officer Song

Kwon Hae Yo as Priest Park

Gil Hae Yeon as Jung Soon



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