Love the Way You Are (我的青春都是你)

Love the Way You Are (我的青春都是你)

This movie follows the sweet and sour love between the daring and kind-hearted Zhou Lin Lin and Fang Yu Ke, the socially awkward boy next door. They leave their village and begin studying animal husbandry at university. Throw a manipulative beauty who hates losing a conquest and a flirtatious bad boy into the mix and watch what unfolds. (Source: MyDramaList)

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2019 | 13+ | 90 min | Comedy/Romance/School/Youth


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Mengying Dai, Tong Zhou

Mengying Dai (screenplay), Wanyue Zhang (on-set screenplay)

Linekong Pictures



The story flows in a very classic way where a geek falls in love with a girl, then he transforms into someone that is cool and good looking which then makes other girls swoon over him. Despite the fact that “Love the Way You Are” is a sweet high school/college romance, it is rather lacking in the story plot. Most romantic comedy movies would carry a short climax where some sort of “drama” occurred. Though this movie did inject its own “drama”, it is just too plain and shallow that it did not reach me.

Personally, I have a soft spot for a movie that carries this kind of theme; however, this movie didn’t even reach my expectation. The interaction between the two main characters could be more. I’m not quite satisfied with how the female main character depicted her love towards the male main character. There is some sort of a missing link that the plot needs to be more in depth to connect it.

The acting of the actor that portrays the male main character is also quite stiff in most of the scenes that it literally made me cringe. Yet, despite my complaint, I still enjoy some of the comedy parts which make me give it 3 out of 5.


Vivian Sung as Zhou Lin Lin

Song Wei Long as Fang Yu Ke

Huang Jun Jie as Xie Duan Xi

Lin Yu Rou as Shi Ru Ting

Sun Qian as Xu Jie Er

Chin Shih Chieh as Professor Wang



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