Luck Key

Luck Key

A reverse comedy that tells the story of a perfectionist contract killer, Hyung Wook (Yu Hae Jin) who slips on a bar of soap and ends up having amnesia. Meanwhile, Jae Sung (Lee Joon) who is a failed actor decided to switch identity with Hyung Wook without knowing he is a contract killer. What will happen with these two once their identity is switched?

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2016 | PG | 122 min | Action, Comedy


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Kae-Byeok Lee

Jang Yoon-Mi

‎Yong Film

South Korea


This is quite an old movie that I have recently watched. It is recommended by a good friend saying it is hilarious. For me though, it doesn’t come up to the point that I laugh out loud but it does bring smiles to my face as I watch it. I wouldn’t want to say that it is suitable for a family to watch especially those who have small kids in the house since this movie contained a bit of nudity. So, please be aware of that.

I quite enjoyed the romance that was inserted in this movie where it is just the right amount without overwhelming the whole plot. The chemistry between all the actors are also brilliant. I didn’t see any awkwardness between them as the story progressed.

I really recommend this film if you have a bad day because even if it doesn’t make you laugh, it sure brings a smile on your face.


Yu Hae Jin as Hyung Wook

Lee Joon as Jae Sung

Jo Yoon Hee as Ri Na

Lim Ji Yeon as Eun Joo

Joo Han Chul as Il Sung

Choi Dae Sung as Director 2



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