Someday or One Day

Someday or One Day

Yu-Hsuan lost her boyfriend Chuan-Sheng in plane accident. She then discovered Chuan-Sheng and a girl look alike Yu-Hsuan both appeared in a photo taken in 1998. Accidentally, she had backed to 1998 and met a boy looked alike Chuan-Sheng.

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2019 | PG-13 | 1h 12min | Fantasy / Romance / Mystery


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Huang Tien-jen (黃天仁)

Jian Qi-Feng (簡奇峯), Lin Xin-Hui (林欣慧)


Republic of China (Taiwan)


I’m a die-hard fan when it comes to romance drama. When I first saw this Taiwanese Drama, I immediately imagined a story plot like Rooftop Prince or the most recent drama I’ve watched on Netflix – The King: Eternal Monarch. However, it was nothing like any of them.

The story began with a girl named Huang Yu Xuan who was still mourning about her missing boyfriend Wang Quan Sheng was presumed dead after a plane crash two years ago. On her 27th birthday, she made a wish to see her boyfriend again and that’s when the magic started to happen.

Frankly speaking, if you only watch the first episode of the drama you’ll probably think that it was a bit off from its story and you may not look forward to seeing the next episode as the entire episode 1 was about Huang Yu Xuan’s memories of Wang Quan Sheng and how she still mourning about him. Come to a point where you get sick of seeing her crying in almost every scene.

However, the story began to sound pretty interesting to me once Huang Yu Xuan time-travelled to 1998 where she met a guy who looks exactly like her late boyfriend, however, he has a different name which is Li Zi Wei. She also in a different body which was belonged to a girl named Chen Yun Ru. Both Chen Yun Ru and Huang Yu Xuan have a totally different character so it was very amusing to see Huang Yu Xuan changed the introvert girl, Chen Yun Ru from nobody to somebody.

This Taiwanese drama sets a whole new standard with their fresh ideas. Though the storyline was a bit back and forth sometimes but they never fail to surprise the audience with their plot twist. Not to mention that all the cast had played their role very well in the drama. I couldn’t give out a lot about this drama but one thing I could assure you that the good ending will bring tears to your eyes.

So will I recommend this drama? Definitely a yes from me.


Chia-Yen Ko as Huang Yu-Hsuan/Chen Yun-Ru

Greg Han Hsu as Wang Chuan-Sheng / Li Tzu-Wei

Cast #3

Kenny Yen as Hsieh Tsung-Ju / /Hsieh Chih-Chi

Alien Huang as Tu Chi-Min

Zhu Zhi-Ying as Yang Bi-Yun



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