Well Intended Love Season 1

Well Intended Love Season 1

A third-rate actress with leukaemia enters into a secret marriage with a CEO so she can receive a bone marrow transplant sooner and continue her career.

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2019 | TV-14 | 45 min | Romance / Comedy


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Wu Qiang

Peng Yi Ying, Han Yu Ting


Republic of China


"Well Intended Love" is an adaptation of My Personal Sweetheart by Chun Feng Yi Du. If you ever think about making a list of a soap operas well this show might be on your list.

When I first watched the drama, I have to admit that I kinda love the story plot but when I get to near end of the season 1 - I stopped watching it. As I get quite disappointed on how the story goes.

They put too much conflict in between the climax and they messed up the whole idea of 'Well Intended Love'. I really hope there is a spark or something at play that separates this drama from its corny, careless counterparts but it just doesn't seem like my cup of tea.

For me, this drama isn't perfect but it is entertaining especially when you see how good the chemistry between male and female lead.

Overall, i think this is a messy film in ways, but consistently watchable. I probably wouldn't watch the second season, but like I said before if you're into soap operas then give this drama a shot!


Xu Kai Cheng as Ling Yi Zhou

Simona Wang as Xia Lin

Cast #3

Liu Jia Xi as Jia Fei

Huang Qian Shuo as Wen Li

He Qian Ying as Ruan Meng



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