Kingdom Season 2

Kingdom Season 2

While strange rumors about their ill king grip a kingdom, the crown prince becomes their only hope against a mysterious plague overtaking the land.

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2020 | TV-MA | 45 min | Action / Drama / Horror


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Kim Seong-Hun

Kim Eun-hee


South Korea


Kingdom! What a majestic title for a web series! If you haven't watch nor heard about this, let me give a gist of what's the series is about. Kingdom is a South Korean period drama which compact with political drama, conspiracy and supernatural thriller. What kind of supernatural? It is none other than ZOMBIES!

The story follows a Crown Prince, Lee Chang who involve in a political conspiracy inside the palace and was force to go on a mission to investigate the rumor on a mysterious plague that has beset on the current emperor and the country. From then on, the crown prince was face with countless danger and had to be the one who protect the people of the country.

Anyway, I have watched Kingdom Season 1 and it really got me on the edge of my seat. Season 1 really focus on the mysterious plague itself where the characters investigate, being chased by zombies and their struggling effort to survive. I love the suspense and the thrill that they present in the Season 1. When I finish watching Season 1, it left a cliff-hanger that I anticipated so much for its next season. So, when it is announced that Season 2 have been release I was so excited that I binge it as soon as it was available on Netflix.

The first two episode filled in the part where it was left hanging on the last episode of Season 1. I was still pumped up with adrenaline as I watch they run and fight the people who are infected by the plague a.k.a zombies. Little by little you get to know about the characteristic of the plague like why they suddenly active on daytime instead of just night time (watch Season 1).

Death is also a common thing happen in Kingdom series or any zombie movies or series whereas in Kingdom Season 2 there will be some significant characters that will encounter death. However, in my opinion those death scene that was supposed to be epic and sad was just quite stupid because of their action thus I don't get to feel the feeling of sadness of losing a character in this series.

In the middle of the series, it gets quite boring for me as there are no action portrayed instead a bunch of political discussion and some flashback. A lot more talking and less action which is quite disappointment for me. Despite my disappointment I do get it that those scene was necessary to get more grip on the political issues inside the palace.

Almost at the end of the series, I finally get to see those horde of zombies in action. They fight, jump and run and at the end of the drama it left me quite a disappointment.


Ju Ji-Hoon as Lee Chang

Bae Doo-Na as Soe-Bi

Ryoo Seung-Ryong as Jo Hak-Joo

Kim Sung-Kyu as Young-Shin

Jun Suk-Ho as Jo Beom-Pal

Kim Hye-Jun as Queen



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