Was It Love?

Was It Love?

When four very different men appear in her life, a single mother who hasn't dated in years begins to rediscover love — and herself.

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2020 | 13+ | 69min | Romance / Drama / Comedy


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Kim Do Hyung

Lee Seung-Jin


South Korea


Was It Love? is about a single mother who has been struggling for 14 years to be financially stable to take care of her daughter and mother. She's a producer of Thumb Films which she'll soon found out that the company owes an investor, Goo Pa-do (Kim Min-joon), 10 billion won and the CEO Thumb Films has assigned Ae-jung to the loan.

Desperate to pay off the loan, Ae-jung manage to find an old manuscript which written by a famous novelist named Cheon Eok-man. However, during her meeting with the novelist, she found out that he is actually her ex-boyfriend from college, Oh Dae-O that hold a grudge for years after being dumped by Ae-jung. Down the road, she also met two other man from her past Oh Yeon-Woo & Ryu Jin, who also have feeling for Ae-jung.

In my opinion, this k-drama is a decent drama to watch. Although I don't really fancy Ae-jung's romance story however wanting to know who's the father of her daughter made me hook to this drama. Throughout this drama, you will see a lot of flashbacks from Ae-jung's past which will slowly revealing the secret that she has been keeping for 14 years. As much as I love seeing Song Ji Hyo on screen, there are times where I find some scenes are too cringy to watch especially when she played as a college student.

Overall, I think this drama is interesting and funny in their own way. All the potential romance interested also have different roles that plays a big part to the whole story plot. I would love to know who is the father of her daughter thus this drama will definitely hooked me till the end of the drama.


Ji-hyo Song as Noe Ae Jung

Ho Joon Son as Oh Dae Oh

Jong-ho Song as Ryu Jin

Ja-Sung Koo as Oh Yeon Woo

Min-joon Kim as Goo Pa Do

Da-Som Kim as Joo Ah Rin



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