Welcome - Meow!

Welcome - Meow!

Based on a web comic by Go A-ra, this is a story about a mid-twenties woman, Sol Ah, who works as graphic designer but harbors a dream of becoming a web-comic artist. Despite being a sociable person, she always had a love-hate relationship towards a cat-like person. Her life suddenly changed when she decided to take home a cat, Hong Jo, who turns out has the ability to transform into a human being. Hong Jo is determined in keeping his secret as he stays close to Sol Ah. What could be in store for this feline-human duo as their story goes on?

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2020 | +15 | 35 min | Fantasy / Romantic Comedy


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Ji Byung-hyun

Go A-Ra


South Korea


Before I watched this drama, I read a lot of comments where I realized that there’s a love and hate relationship between the viewer and the drama. In addition, the rating is also not encouraging. Thus, it took me quite some time until I decided to click on that 1st Episode of the drama.

In the first four episodes, I found it quite boring and annoying at the same time since there’s quite a lot of repetitive flashback about the past relationship between the main female character and the second male lead character. I get it that the scene wants us to feel sad and really understand about the character's past relationship but to show it over again and again, I think that is not necessary at all! As for the plot of the drama, I think it’s simple and predictable where it is just like any typical fantasy Korean drama with romances between human and non-human just like My Love from the Star and Goblin except, this drama took much cuter and fluffier concepts.

The ultimate main attraction for this drama is definitely that cute, chubby cat. I really like seeing that cat compare to watching the romance story inside the drama. Nevertheless, I know that some people love watching the second couple of the drama, but I usually skip their part. To my defense, there’s already a lot going on between the male lead, female lead and second male lead, then they added another second romance in the drama with ITS own problem, I feel kind of tired of watching it. Though, I don’t feel satisfied with the story, I still can’t seem to let go of the drama so I will stick on this drama until the end.

Anyway, I recommended this drama for those who love cats and have a dream to be in a relationship with their cat....just kidding. Just give it a try. Who knows you will fall in love with the story?


Kim Myung Soo as Hong Jo

Shin Ye Eun as Kim Sol Ah

Seo Ji Hoon as Lee Jae Sun

Yoon Je Joo as Eun Ji Eun

Kang Hoon as Go Dong Shik

Ahn Nae Sang as Kim Soo Pyung



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