A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place

A family struggles to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where a monster with noise sensitivity lurks.

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2018 | PG-13 | 90 min | Horror / Sci-fi / Drama


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Bryan Woods & Scott Beck

Paramount Pictures



“A Quiet Place” is a movie where it made me think what kind of movie I have been watching in 2018, because I must’ve zoned out when this masterpiece was release. If you’re one such people who missed this movie and need convincing read on.
The movie lacks dialogue instead relying on the complete performance of the actors themselves, and “A Quiet Place” doesn’t disappoint. The actor’s performance is stellar, and the chemistry between them are what made this movie so worth to watch, and I’m not directing this to just Blunt and Krasinki, but the children as well.

This flicks is suspenseful and fun to watch with family. Nevertheless like most horror movies audiences are bound to raise a question the roots behind the horrific events. Sadly these question are left unanswered, leaving the viewer scratching their heads on how to piece the puzzle laid out to them.

“A Quiet Place” certainly brings a new element to the table when it comes to horror films. However this movie obviously made the audience crying for a sequel, with how many question still left unanswered. If you’re the impatient type, I suggest hold your horses for the upcoming sequel to release otherwise enjoy this movie, I definitely recommend it.


Emily Blunt as Evelyn Abbott

John Krasinski as Lee Abbott

Millicent Simmonds as Regan Abbott

Noah Jupe as Marcus Abbott

Cade Woodward as Beau Abbott

Leon Russom as Man in the Woods



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