Bird Box

Bird Box

After humanity was driven to mass suicide by an unknown entity. A mother desperately protects her two surviving children to reach safety while avoiding visual contact with the entity that stalk them.

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2018 | R | 124 min | Horror / SciFi / Drama / Thriller


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Director Name

Eric Heisserer (screenplay)

Universal Pictures & Bluegrass Film



I’ll be honest I never read the novel by Malerman before I watched this movie. Nevertheless, Bird Box still manage to captivate me, though the fact this movie is considered as a horror flick still baffles me. The movie, per se, has no chilling or spooky moments, you have people being creepy and psychotic but nothing which strikes me as something you hope for in a horror flick.

The characters is satisfactory at best, the quality performance from the actors does help make the characters more realistic. In spite of that, the character does sound quite stereotypical and nothing new was brought to the table. Which I am not surprised what happen to them in the end, it’s pretty obvious, this type of character just got recycle, one would need to be a pea brain to not expect what is coming.

Bird Box does have their redeeming qualities, but from what I heard this movie is overhype and I totally agree with that. That said I do still endorse others to watch it but not with same hype when this movie was first released.


Sandra Bullock as Malorie

Trevante Rhodes as Tom

John Malkovich as Douglas

Sarah Paulson as Jessica

Jacki Weaver as Cheryl

Rosa Salazar as Lucy



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