Day of The Dead Bloodline

Day of The Dead Bloodline

A band of survivalist led by a militaries personnel struggles to survive in an underground bunker, where a former medical student is adamant to seek cure for the virus which threatened humanity.

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2018 | R | 90 min | Horror / Action


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Director Name

Mark Tonderai, Lars Jacobson, George A. Romero

Saban Capital Group, Campbell Grobman Films, Millennium Films



If you’re a die-hard fans for gruesome and satirical horror films about zombie apocalypse, you probably know that Day of the Dead: Bloodline is an adaption of Romero’s cult classic Day of the Dead in 1985. Regrettably, this movie is nothing compared to the memorable classics.

The crudely written scripts combined with amateurish acting is undeniably a recipe for disaster. The protagonist beyond a doubt signed a contract with the devil itself, as the plot clearly protects the character while she coerce others to do utterly idiotic things for her, worst still the side character which I remind you consist of mostly military personnel condone this behavior which is totally grating. The characters bland and cliché dialogue evidently etch an early grave for this movie which is sounding more like a parody for Romero’s than adaptation of it.

I’m pretty sure Romero is rolling in his grave, this movie is a total setback and I would not endorse it to anyone.


Jonathan Schaech as Max

Sophie Skelton as Zoe

Marcus Vanco as Baca

Jeff Gum as Miguel

Lillian Blakeship as Lily

Shari Watson as Elyse



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