Project Power

Project Power

A former soldier teams up with a cop to find the source behind a dangerous pill that provides temporary superpowers.

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2020 |16+| 113min | Action / Crime / Sci-Fi


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Director Name

Mattson Tomlin

Screen Arcade & Supermarche



Project Power is a sci-fi movie which is about pills that can gives a power and the power will depends on the person itself. Someone will get a bulletproof body, fire or even ice and the power will last about 5 minutes after using the pill. The movie started off good. It has its own style and initially keeps you engaged.

However there’s some subplot that seems unnecessary to be included in the movie like when Robin was rapping. I get it, they wanted to let the viewers know that Robin is talented however some scenes a big NO and cringy like when Robin was rapping in class and everyone in class starts to cheer for her.

I also quite disappointed that they didn’t show the fighting scene of Jamie Fox with the dealer at the club instead they focus on the girl that turns to ice. I mean there’s a reason why they called it action movie not Ice Princess.

Overall, I think this movie is alright. I enjoyed the movie and should there be any sequel, please surprise the viewers with the return of Newt, Colton Baker. I’m not a fan of him but I just think MGK, deserve more screen time in this movie.


Jamie Foxx as Art

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Frank

Dominique Fishback as Robin

Rodrigo Santoro as Biggie

Amy Landecker as Gardner

Colson Baker as Newt



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