The Possession of Hannah Grace

The Possession of Hannah Grace

A former cop with a traumatic past lands a job at a morgue, little did she know her job took a terrifying turns when a haunted corpse is assigned to her.

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2018 | R | 86 min | Horror / Mystery / Thriller


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Brian Sieve

Screen Gems & Broken Road Productions



We all love horror movies when there’s a jump scare in it, what better way to pump up the adrenaline am I right? The Possession of Hannah Grace however took the scare excessively. The jump scare technique was used way too often in opening of the movie, towards the climax you probably expected what is coming. Moreover, the movie also appears rushed and incomplete towards the end which does leave the audience with a few grey areas.

Despite the flawed execution, the movie is actually quite decent. Personally if not for the amazing performance from the actors that breathe life to the characters, this movie would have a lot of blemish to cover.

The Possession of Hannah Grace may lacks the originality, but it is still a decent flick if you’re seeking a way to kill time.


Shay Mitchell as Megan Reed

Kirby Johnson as Hannah Grace

Grey Damon as Andrew Kurtz

Nick Thune as Randy

Louis Herthum as Homeless Man

Stana Katic as Lisa Roberts



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